Ezell-Harding Christian School


Elementary School
EHCS Elementary School’s goal is to develop young children into life-long learners. Children in the younger grades are eager and excited to experience and learn about the world around them, and our devoted teachers take this excitement to expand the children’s knowledge of this world God has made. It is our goal to prepare students by giving them the fundamentals of learning so they will be successful students for the years ahead. EHCS is committed to preparing students spiritually, academically and socially. Bible lessons are taught at all grade levels, and students gather weekly for a time of praise in chapel. Times of prayer and scripture are woven through the day to help make EHCS a place of spiritual growth.
At Ezell-Harding, all classes begin at 7:45 and end at 2:45, Preschool through 12th grades. A few of the programs we provide for all students in the elementary school are Spanish (preschool - 4th), computers, music, dedicated library time, P.E., as well as various unit studies at each level.   Often field trips and special programs are used to enhance the classroom experience and engage a variety of learning styles. Extra-curricular activities are also encouraged. Piano is offered on an individual basis. The Fine Arts Academy at EHCS offers additional lessons in art, chorus, and drama.
Our teachers are committed to excellence in education. Through RenWeb, parents and teachers can be in constant contact over grades, schedules, even cafeteria menus. Technology is a great tool that we now incorporate with each classroom through the E-Beam technology.   Projectors and markerboards create a stimulating, interactive learning environment. Paired with newer technology in our math curriculum, textbooks and additional practice is even available on-line so families can study anywhere, anytime.
We offer a STEM lab in the elementary school. This is where our students use their critical thinking skills while encorporating hands on learning through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
 Each grade provides their own classroom blog.  You may want to access their blog by viewing the principals blog at ehcselemenentary.blogspot.com.
Elementary students are on a journey at EHCS. Children at Ezell-Harding Christian School are given opportunities to take foundational skills from preschool and grow into independent learners.  We hope you will come by for a visit!